Jokes On DJ Speedsta After He Mistakenly Calls Out Cape Town FC Over ‘Mayo’ Track

Jokes On DJ Speedsta After He Mistakenly Calls Out Cape Town FC Over ‘Mayo’ Track. DJ Speedsta was left with an egg on his face after he mistakenly took to Twitter to call out Cape Town Football Club for using what he thought was his track on their new player signing announcement. It was however later actually revealed that a “replay” was used and not the actual song.

Cape Town FC shared the announcement of their latest signing Khanyisa Mayo on social media with a video. The video shows the football star on his phone, with some mayonnaise on the table. In the background of the video, a track that sounds like DJ Sppedsta’s hit track Mayo can be heard. Since Khanyisa’s surname is Mayo, the ad uses the play on words as a creative strategy with song title and mayonnaise that is seen on the clip.

In 2016, DJ Speedsta dropped the hit song Mayo, which features Yung Swiss, Frank Casino, Shane Eagle and Tellaman. The popular hip hop DJ caught wind of the football club’s announcement and retweeted the video, with a big question and request for the club. “Who gave you the rights to use the song? Please remove my song from your ad?” tweeted the DJ.

However, in a matter of hours, Speedsta gave an update that saw him basically admit to being wrong. The DJ updated everyone and shared that actually a different version of Mayo was replayed for the club’s announcement. Speedsta also was able to laugh at the situation as he let his followers know that everything is fine. “I’m a big joke & everything is one big laugh. All good. More life, more blessings to everyone,” tweeted Speedsta.

Moozlie’s manager Sbuda was not here for the replays being used and retweeted Speedsta’s tweet and shared exactly what he thought of the situation “these so called replays are some straight up bull shit seriously,” wrote Sbuda. Even Moozlie was also not here for the move by the football club and responded to Speedsta’s tweet and said, “I wonโ€™t lie they hate you”.

It is becoming a common practice among brands that use songs by artists, for adverts to recreate a particular song in a way that would allow them to escape any legal liability in terms of copyrights and artists seem to be getting tired of the trend. Speedsta is not the only artist, who has taken on a brand for using his music without his permission, last year Kwesta’s hit track Ngudu’ was used by BMW for an advert. The rapper called out the luxury car brand for using the track without his go-ahead, which he had to also get the rights to same. The track Ngudu was sampled from South African House group Spiritchasers’ track These Tears. 

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