Priddy Ugly Celebrates His Album ‘SOIL’ Topping The Charts On Apple Music

Priddy Ugly earlier this week, dropped his highly anticipated sophomore album, SOIL and the album is already dominating the charts. The album is currently number two on Apple Music’s Top Albums chart. Priddy is not the only rapper topping the charts 25K’s album Pheli Makaveli is currently holding down the number 3 spot on the charts.

Priddy Ugly and 25K being on the Top Album chart is a huge moment for the hip hop fraternity, as there has been a lot of talk on the social streets, that the genre is not doing well in South Ah. However, the new music releases are showing that clearly, the genre is still well and alive.

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The Handful of Dust hitmaker shared a screenshot of the Top Album charts on his social platforms and wrote “Me, Kilo & Zandile !!! E reng SA Hip Hop bafanas ?”

Priddy’s album has been praised by fans and several comments have been raised about the artist’s rap skills. Within 10 minutes of Priddy Ugly dropping his album on streaming platforms, fans were already sharing their reviews about the album. Priddy even asked fans to give the album a good listen before they reviewed it and it seems that even after a couple of listens fans are still loving the 10 track project.

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