Major League DJz Open Up About Spending R150 000 In A Club

Major League DJz Open Up About Spending R150 000 In A Club. Major League DJz during Lasizwe’s YouTube show Drink or Tell The Truth, answered several random questions, that fans want the answers to. However, if the DJz chose not to answer a question, then the person will drink a special concoction mixed by Lasizwe’s content director. Major League DJz were also asked one question that revealed just how hard the twin’s ball when they hit the clubs.

The DJz were asked some tough questions, some they answered and some they opted to pass, meaning they had to take a drink of the special mixture. Lasizwe was given a question to answer by the DJz about what he finds challenging to pay for. “What is the most you have spent on an item?” he was asked.

The YouTuber in his response got candid and personal, as he explained that he doesn’t get paying for expensive alcohol, something that a person later discards in the toilet. The Major League DJz were clearly not on the same page as Lasizwe when it comes to spending R10 000 in the club on something to drink. One of the DJz even says “but us men can’t speak like that” Lasizwe then asks them “why”, to which the other twin responds and says “who do you think is gonna buy us alcohol, you know the answer”.

The conversation then sparks Lasizwe to ask the DJz “how much have you guys spent in a club, your most expensive bill?” The first twin then responds and says “I think 150 or 180,” a shocked Lasizwe then exclaims “K?”. The second twin then opens up the night in question. “You know we were chilling with Future, you know what’s crazy, it was in New York City, no L.A”.

The DJz then told Lasizwe who they were chilling with, in the club in L. A and it was a star-studded night “Diddy was there, yo Future, Busta Rhymes, Migos was like right here. Offset was moving amongst us.” A clearly shocked Lasizwe asks the DJz, so then you just swiped and the DJz let Lasizwe know there was no other option as the bottles are opened when they are placed on the table “we might as well get drunk,” the second twin tells Lasizwe.

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