Nasty C Shares How He Really Feels About Awards

Nasty C Shares How He Really Feels About Awards. The coolest kid in Africa, Nasty C is currently out and about in the streets of the continent and recently made a stop in Kenya, where he sat down for an interview on the show Chatspot. The rapper got candid with the host’s Kush Tracey and Nana Owiti as he answered their burning questions.

Kush Tracey and Nana Owiti asked Nasty C questions about his career, working with T.I and also his feelings about awards. Nasty C is no stranger to collecting awards or being nominated for prestigious accolades. He has an estimation of seven awards under his belt and this number will certainly grow, as he continues to collect nominations.

“Of course you’ve won really many awards big awards BET, AFRIMA,” Nana says and Nasty C interrupts her and clarifies that he has not really won a BET award, and this is something people get wrong. Nana then says “but you were nominated”. She then goes on to ask him, what do these awards exactly mean to him. “You’ve got all that and all these plaques but what do awards really mean to you as Nasty C.”

Nasty C responds and explains exactly what awards mean to him. “Awards to me as Nasty C don’t really mean that much right. I value them because they mean the world to my fans because my fans are the guys that sit at home and they watch the whole show, my fans are the ones that use their own airtime to vote for me and stuff like that.”

The Jack hitmaker goes on to explain how he won’t allow someone, who doesn’t understand all that it takes for him to make his music judge him against some other person, he doesn’t know. “But for me, I’m not going to let someone who doesn’t make music, doesn’t understand what it takes for me to make a song, doesn’t understand the hours that I put into making these songs and the emotion that I put into it, me sharing my personal stories. I’m not going to let that person judge how good my music is against some other guy who I don’t even know.”

A day after Nasty C’s interview on Chatspot aired, the rapper won an award at the 27th annual South African Music Awards (SAMAs), which were held on July 31. Nasty C took home the award for Best Hip Hop Album. In his acceptance speech, Nasty C said he was honoured for the award “Thank you so much for the award. I appreciate it, I’m honoured. I hope all my fans are keeping staying safe out there.” He later went on to tweet “Thank you to all the true fans”.

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