Cassper Reveals The Moment He Knew He Had Won The Beef With AKA

Cassper Reveals The Moment He Knew He Had Won The Beef With AKA. Over the years AKA and Cassper’s beef has played out in the public for all of South Ah to witness. Sa Hip Hop fans have found themselves having to pick sides because of the beef between the two rappers. Even those within the industry have seen themselves sort of siding with AKA or Cassper, however, have some have maintained the peace and kept things neutral.

There have been several rounds of the beef. While the two rappers never intentionally went head to head with each other there have been moments where they have been viewed by the public as competing against each other. Cassper Nyovest taking over the hosting reigns of The Braai Show was another round of the long-running beef between the rappers. After a tweep shared a tweep that said Cassper had won the final round of the beef, the rapper responded and shared the moment he knew he won the beef.

In his response, Mufasa explained that he won the beef at The Dome. In 2015 Cassper filled up the popular Johannesburg venue, The TicketPro Dome. This was something that was never done before by a local Hip Hop artist. Cassper went on to explain in his response that everything that happened after the dome, was just noise, the rapper, however, noted that need doesn’t end and instead the loser just fades away. Cassper also went on to share that it has been 5 years and it is clear to see who is on top. “Won the beef at the dome. Everything after that was just noise. Beef never ends also you know. The loser just fades away and only time puts everything into perspective. It’s been 5 years now and its very clear who is on top. 5 years from now it’ll only get clearer,” tweeted the rapper.

Cassper’s response got mixed reviews but it seems most tweeps understood the point the rapper was trying to make. However, one fan noted they are tired of long-running beef which seems to be ignited by these conversations. “It’s this sort of talk that keep this beef going …we are tired . The man hasn’t tweeted about you or talked about you publicly in months .. but wena every week you always sneak diss him in tweets ay ndoda you a dad manje… let that guy heal … ay man ay,” wrote the tweep. While the beef may be tiring for the fan, the matter is super personal to Cassper especially since AKA at one point insulted the rapper and his parents on Twitter.

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