Cassper Seemingly Responds To Costa Titch’s Comments That He Shouldn’t Return To SA Hip Hop

Cassper Seemingly Responds To Costa Titch’s Comments That He Shouldn’t Return To SA Hip Hop. Cassper Nyovest is one person who will always catch any comments that are made about him on social media. It doesn’t matter whether the comments made included his name or alluded to Cassper, the rapper always catches it. This is mostly thanks to Cassper’s fans who always make sure the rapper knows what is said about him in the streets and it seems the rapper has caught on to Costa Titch’s latest comments about the rapper.

Costa Titch may have not mentioned Cassper in his controversial post but one wouldn’t be blamed if they thought Costa was directing his comments at Cassper, especially since he also did comment on an Instagram post about Cassper. Mufasa took to Twitter to share that he had seen the funniest shit ever and went on to share that people have now got balls. “Just saw the funniest shit ever… Niggas got balls now huh?” tweeted Cassper. In his tweet, Cassper directed a message to the person who he was talking to and said “just remember, you asked for it!!!”

Despite Cassper not mentioning Costa’s name in his tweet, it is highly possible that his comments were directed at the Nkalakatha hitmaker who had earlier wrote a few things on his Instagram stories and commented and commented on the Instagram page, Freshmen Mag’s post about Cassper returning to SA Hip Hop. Costa wrote on his Instagram stories, “SA Hip Hop is uniting right now. If you jumped ship, stay there and let us fix what you broke. – respectfully.”. Cassper was left in disbelief after the comments and shared several tweets expressing how he felt. “Hahaha he Bafethu i can’t believe this shit!!! Rea di bona witsi!!!” posted the rapper.

Cassper even posted a video of himself laughing at the latest comments aimed at him from someone he thought he had no issues with. A fan on Twitter told Cassper, that SA Hip Hop is dying a slow death without the rapper. Cassper hasn’t dropped any hip hop bangers in a minute as he is currently riding the amapiano wave, currently dominating the country. The rapper responded to the fan and told him that not everyone agrees with his statement as according to some everything is running smooth.

“Not according to some people. Apparently everything running smooth on that side. Nna Piano eng travelisa lefatse kamo. Ke shapo hey. Just good vibes !!! Let’s see how far they take it. We are rooting for them,” tweeted Cassper. Costa Titch and Cassper do have a little history together, they have not collaborated on any music together but Costa Titch was a dancer for the award-winning musician for some years. Costa has clearly gotten on Cassper’s wrong side with his latest comments. Fans hope that Costa is not inheriting beef as he is currently close with Cassper’s rival AKA and they recently dropped music together.

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