Cassper Wants Costa Titch To Explain To Him In Person, His Comments About SA Hip Hop Not Needing Him

Cassper Wants Costa Titch To Explain To Him In Person, His Comments About SA Hip Hop Not Needing Him. Rapper Cassper Nyovest is back in South Africa and will definitely be seeing if rapper Costa Titch will be coming with the same energy he had on social media, in person. Costa Titch got on Cassper’s bad side after he made a few comments about Mufasa’s desire to drop a new Hip Hop song, which his fans have been longing for. Words said online when it comes to Cassper are always taken personally and considering most times people tweet what they mean, can one blame Cassper?

Cassper has been hinting about a Hip Hop drop for a minute but has been hesitant to do so, because of online criticism especially after his move to amapiano music. His fans however have not stopped with the requests. Mufasa responded to a fan recently on Twitter and reminded them why he can’t drop a hip hop track as word on the streets is Hip Hop don’t need Cassper Nyovest. The Baby Girl, hitmaker even remarked that Costa had said that he is fixing what Cassper destroyed.

In his tweet Cassper, even added that Costa’s comment had him laughing and he made sure all his fans got to see his reaction as he had posted videos of himself laughing after Costa’s comments went viral. It will be interesting to see what happens when Costa and Cassper run into each other, will the beef also be in person or left on social media? “Apparently Hip Hop don’t need Cassper Nyovest!!! They coming together and things are looking bright!!! Costa Ebile are yena he is fixing what i destroyed. Azange kea tsega yana mo lifeng. I’m back in SA and I can’t wait to run into him so he must explain in person…” tweeted Cassper. Costa a few weeks back had written on his Instagram stories, “SA Hip Hop is uniting right now. If you jumped ship, stay there and let us fix what you broke. – respectfully.”

While Costa may think that SA Hip Hop does not need him the award-winning rapper begs to differ. Cassper retweeted a video that played his popular song, Amademoni featuring Tweezy and asked “Where the bangers at?”. In his tweet, the rapper explained exactly what kind of bangers he was talking about, the bangers that people from the hood like and not bar on bar tracks. Cassper also added that despite the game needing him, he will be staying on the piano side of life. “The yall tell me Hip Hop don’t need a nigga? Where the bangers at ? The bangers that people fuck with in the hood! Not abo BARS ON BARS!!! The game needs me but is fine. I’ll stay on this Piano side,” tweeted Cassper.

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