Da L.E.S Clarifies The State Of His Relationship With AKA And Those “Gucci Snakes” Speculations

Da L.E.S Clarifies The State Of His Relationship With AKA And Those “Gucci Snakes” Speculations. AKA and Da L.E.S have been friends for a very long time but their friendship hit a snag and an apparent shit was noticed by fans of the two Hip Hop artists. The reason behind the rift between the two friends was unknown but speculation was rife, that AKA was at fault after allegations surfaced that the rapper cheated on his late fiance with Da L.E.S partner Aurea Alexander.

On the latest episode of Lasizwe’s popular YouTube show, Drink or Tell The Truth, Da L.E.S has shed light on the state of his relationship with AKA and also addressed the rumours that he dropped a diss track aimed at AKA. Da L.E.S’s track Gucci Snakes has been widely speculated by fans to be a diss track aimed at AKA. However, Da L.E.S has publicly clarified that this is not the case. Lasziwe asked Da L.E.S, “You did a diss track about AKA sleeping with your baby mama, is this why you’re not cool anymore? Will you ever make peace again?”

Da L.E.S in his response made sure that fans would have no questions on the matter. “I’m glad that you asked me this question because number 1 that was not a diss track for AKA, and that’s on Period! Number 2, don’t believe everything that people say and that’s on period and number 3 I love my family with all my heart, so um you know I just decided to choose a path of family, I got a new kid on the way. I just decided to just choose a different path in life, just as far as where my energy is concerned, where I’m going. We were just at the spot the other day and you know were conversating so there isn’t any beef like you don’t gotta, just because Mac G said something doesn’t mean it’s true. Gucci snakes is not about AKA, what the hell okay. Gucci snakes is literally about Gucci snakes, this is hip hop guys,” said the rapper.

Lasizwe then went on to ask Da L.E.S if he and AKA would ever make music again”You guys are gonna continue making music together or will you make music?” Da L.E.S told Lasizwe that the door is always open for him and AKA to collaborate on music if the moment arises. “Yeah I mean look if we get back to doing that 100% like I said you know my energy is, I protect my energy.” The rift between the two Hip Hop artists became more evident to fans after an explosive anonymous letter from a relative of Anele Tember was read on MacG’s Podcast and chill. The lengthy letter alleged that Anele had found out about AKA’s alleged infidelity with Da L.E.S’s baby mama.

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