‘She Fumbled The Bag’ – Da L. E. S Shares His Thoughts On Nadia’s Split From Vic Mensa

‘She Fumbled The Bag’ – Da L. E. S Shares His Thoughts On Nadia’s Split From Vic Mensa. Hip Hop artist Da L.E.S is the latest guest on Lasizwe’s popular YouTube show, Drink Or Tell The Truth. The highly watched show features of Mzansi’s top entertainers come on the show and answer some interesting questions that fans would love the answers to. Questions are asked by fans and randomly selected by Lasizwe’s content director ahead of the show. Both Lasizwe and the guest find out the questions when they select them randomly from a bowl.

Da L.E.S was put in the hot seat, as soon as he was asked his first burning question, which had me rating South Ah’s female rappers. Lasizwe asked, “The hottest female in the game? Nomuzi Mabena, Rouge or Nadia Nakai?” Da L.E.S made his ranking selection based on some interesting criteria, especially when it came to rapper Nadia Nakai’s ranking. Da L.E.S placed Nadia at number 3, Moozlie at number 2 and Rouge at number 1.

The North God made his decision based on Nadia’s current relationship status. Bragga recently revealed is no longer in a relationship with American rapper Vic Mensa. “Nadia Nakai I’m gonna give her a three. I mean she was at number one but she fumbled the bag with Vic so I give her a three. It’s the whole thing, you didn’t say just the music you said it’s the whole thing. It’s the career, it’s the looks, it’s the move she makes. I’m giving her a three. She fumbled the bag with Vic she should have been Donda Donda Donda. It’s nothing hard, I’ll tell it to her face,” explained Da L.E.S.

Nadia broke the news of her split from Vic Mensa on Lasizwe’s show when she was asked the question of who would she have a child with Vic Mensa or her ex Bandile (Major League DJz). When she was asked how long she and Vic have been together she revelled they are no longer together. “Well, we kind of broke up, so it doesn’t matter,” Nadia revealed.

“Moozlie, I’m giving her a two, she’s definitely in the middle. I know she’s still learning, she’s got a lot more to improve on and she’s a hard worker too. Rouge, Im give her a 1, cause I think Rouge her lyrics are dope, she’s got bars. She stays in her own lane, you know she doesn’t compete with anybody. She’s not over here trying to twerk on people. She’s not over her trying to like you know outshine anybody. I’m a big fan of Rouge, I can’t wait for her to come to the studio,” said Da L.E.S.

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