Jr On The Lies Hip Hop Told

Jr On The Lies Hip Hop Told. Rapper, producer and entrepreneur JR’s latest tweet speaks on the realities that come with the music business. Many artists often speak on the unspoken truth of being an independent artist and JR is one of those people. While it is great to be an independent artist, for some people it does however come with a lot of responsibilities. JR shared a tweet that highlighted how an artist in hip hop may spend a certain amount of money towards their career however they will gain a profit.

JR shared in his tweet that there is very little gratification that comes with spending your own money in order to grow your business. “Hip Hop lied to us, there’s very little gratification in spending your own money to grow your business,” read JR’s tweet. JR’s sentiments are nothing new to artists who have been riding the independence wave as several are often vocal about having to pour thousands of rands behind their businesses.

The Hip Hop industry throughout the years has been portrayed as a financially healthy industry, where artists are racking up the coins through their projects, however, it has become evident that is not always the case, especially if you are independent. Often artists portray an image with their music, spending money like big ballers whereas the money is not all going toward their image but also other costs.

Rapper Khuli Chana also agreed with JR’s statement and responded to his tweet and said Facts. JR is not the only artist who has spoken about the financial difficulties that come with being an artist. Rapper Moozlie previously shared a tweet about the reality of always owing someone money as an independent artist. Moozlie tweeted, “Being an independent artist means you owe atleast one person money for something.” Moozlie went on to further explain, “Like njalo nje there’s someone that you need to pay, like absolutely no mistakes.”

One thing that is clear when it comes to the Hip Hop game is that it takes some serious money to keep your business going and often the artist is the one not only putting in the work but also the money. The image represented on social media and in music videos is not a true reflection of the costs that one makes or profits from the genre. JR’s words are essential to artists who are the come up, a reminder that they shouldn’t see the bling and cars and think they will swimming in cash.

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