Muchi Explains Why He Thinks Maggz Is Great On Features Vs, His Solo Offerings

Muchi Explains Why He Thinks Maggz Is Great On Features Vs, His Solo Offerings. On the latest episode of the SA Hip Hop culture show, POPcast, the hosts of the show, Ms Cosmo, Muchi (also known as Sipho Snaps) and guest host, DJ Double D weighed on some controversial questions. POPcast has a segment where the hosts answer randomly compiled questions that are about the South Ah entertainment industry or about the music landscape. The questions are preselected and the panellists are unaware of the questions until the moment they are drawn from a hat, by one of the hosts.

Ms Cosmo, on this week’s episode, selected the question, “Which artist is a goat on features but doesn’t make good solo albums or singles?” The question was definitely a toughie but the hosts were are never afraid of sharing their unfiltered views answered the best way they could. Muchi took the question on and responded “Have you ever heard Maggz suck on a feature?”. While Maggz has carved out a successful career for himself, it seems that feature verses stand out more for Muchi.

“You pick up the phone and call Maggz you know he’s gonna come whip your ass a little bit and I think that versus his solo career is something that… His Albums haven’t had the success that we’ve wanted for him, his own singles haven’t had those same successes versus the hot verses,” explained Muchi. DJ Double D however noted that Maggz has been dirty as just before he was meant to drop an album, his former record label Cashtime Records fell apart. “Maggz has genuinely had that bad luck,” said Double D.

DJ Double D went on to also note that things are looking up for Maggz, who recently dropped a new single called Nayi’Le. “Maggz got like a nice team that’s got two fresh producers, the energy is back he’s got a fresh new song. I agree with you on that Maggz on the features of course but that’s a big blow. For me, his s**t slaps either way,” he added. Maggz recently returned to the SA Hip Hop scene and upon his return gave his update on his absence. In his message, Maggz explained what he has been working on, which is his new sound, Vaito. “I’d like to assure you that I’ve been working behind the scenes, my journey in music is a story still being written and nowhere close to the end.. These past few months have been a journey for my team and I as we’ve embarked on a new voyage, a new sound rooted in Sout African kasi culture and lifestyle, we call it “VAITO”,” said Maggz.

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