Sean Pages Responds To Maggz Claiming He Found Out On Social Media About His Glitz Gang Exit

Sean Pages Responds To Maggz Claiming He Found Out On Social Media About His Glitz Gang Exit. Sean Pages has provided his story of how he exited from Hip Hop group, the Glitz Gang. The rapper took to social media to give his version of events following his former group member Maggz revealing his take on things during an interview with MacG on Podcast and Chill With MacG. In a lengthy Twitter thread, Sean Pages disputed Maggz’s claims that he found out on social media about Sean Pages and Morales departure.

According to Sean Pages, prior to him announcing his departure he had sent a text message to everyone involved personally informing them of his decision. Sean explained that Maggz was even the first person to call him and wished him luck with his decision. L-Tido was the next person to call him and encouraged him to sit on his decision and not rush into things.“I know my nigga sometimes forgets a few small details. So to correct Maggz story; i actually sent everyone a text 3days before i announced my departute with the crew.”

“Maggz was even the first one to call me telling me he knows how stubborn so pointless to convince me otherwise and just wished me luck. Tido called right after that telling me how radical i can get with my decision and that i should sit on it. Rell was living with me so he just wished me luck naye,” shared the rapper. Sean Pages went on to provide context about what lead to his departure which he attributes to 3rd parties creating wedges between the rappers. “Too mch happened between us, also a lot of 3rd parties came n stuck wedges between us (divide&conquer) that piece of magic we had, they wanted it for themselves, n its hard to admit ths bt they won. And slowly everyone started thinking for themselves only n not the movement”

Sean also got candid and said that amongst the crew mindsets became about me first, crew second. After seeing the gang fight over futile stuff, Sean Pages realized that he no longer recognises his family and doesn’t belong in to any more. The rapper then drafted a message and sms’ed it to each of the Glitz Gang members, in his text message Sean told them he would be always be involved in their projects but as for the Glitz Gang he is out. “Took my Ericsson out, drafted the text and sms’d the dudes one by one. Told them we’ll forever be fam, ill always be here for them, will always get involved in their projects. But as for the Gang, im walking out.”

Following his departure a few weeks later Morale announced his departure for the Glitz Gang which caused more drama. “Rell did interviews weeks after announcing that naye hes out and will do his own thing. More drama came due to that and it caused a bigger wedge in some of the friendships. For a while some cats didnt speak to each other but as time went, a young forgive and forget was in order.” Sean Pages said that end of the day each member has their own version of events and while he may not be on speaking terms with every member of Glitz Gang he wishes them nothing but the best.

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