Sean Pages Reveals The Perfect Nickname For Cassper Nyovest And Shares Why

Sean Pages Reveals The Perfect Nickname For Cassper Nyovest And Shares Why. Sean Pages is not only a talented artist and producer but he has also quite the funny bone and often shares tweets that have his fans and followers cracking a laugh or two. Sean Pages recently shared a tweet, where he poked fun at award-winning rapper Cassper Nyovest. The tweet was a harmless one that was some light-hearted fun on Sean’s part, as he went down memory lane.

The rapper shared his tweet, the new nickname that Cassper should give himself. Sean tweeted that if Cassper does not nickname himself T-Rex then he is wasting everyone’s time. In his tweet, Sean explained that the inspiration for the hilarious nickname comes from the way he sounds in some of his punchlines. According to Sean, Cassper there is a video of Cassper where his punches sound like something from Jurassic Park. “Mara if Nyovest doesnt nickname himself T-Rex he’s wasting our time. Theres some clip where his punches sound like re ko jurassic park,” wrote Sean in his tweet.

Sean Pages in his shared that in the clip sounds like, goom goom are heard and he asked his followers if anyone had the clip. “Khala bo “goom….GOOM….” lol whos got that clip?” he asked. A tweep responded to Sean with a throwback video of Cassper performing at a radio station. The clip shared by the tweep is clearly an old one as Cassper is no longer rocking one of his signature hair cuts. In the clip, Cassper can be heard rapping a few lines, “I think I’m Julius Malema, Julius Malema, I think I’m Julius Malema.” Cassper is visibly seen enjoying rapping on the fire beat and even says, “yho, this beat keeps on…”

The clip is a true representation of just how far Mufasa has come in his career and also shows that he has always been passionate about his music. The clip also proves that when it comes to sound effects Cassper has never played around. One tweep even replied to Sean’s tweet and spoke about how Cassper does not play when it comes to his sound effects. “Sound effect dai dang, Man. Nyovest o patetse editor, Brozay,” wrote the tweep.

Sean and Cassper have a civil relationship and Sean often praises the rapper on Twitter. He recently retweeted a Tweet that described Cassper as the Goku of SA Hip Hop. Sean wrote that the description is cool and called the rapper a nice guy. He also spoke about how many supporters Cassper has. “This actually a cool description, plus ke nice guy. And looking at the amount of tsibibians having his back, its kinda like goku when he gotta do the soul bomb,” he wrote.

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