“Not One Man’s Job” – K. O Shares His Thoughts On Who Can Save SA Hip Hop

“Not One Man’s Job” – K. O Shares His Thoughts On Who Can Save SA Hip Hop. A lot has been said on the streets about the state of SA Hip Hop and who can ultimately save the genre. Many fans and followers of the genre have claimed that Cassper is the man who can save SA Hip Hop and have urged the rapper to drop Hip Hop, however not all fans are singing that tune. Different artists bring different elements to the Hip Hop game, so is it really possible for one artist to be able to revive the genre?

Multi-award-winning Hip Hop artist, K. O was recently credited by a fan, as the only artist who would be able to save Hip Hop in South Ah. The fan statement was definitely bold and debatable. The Caracara hitmaker was flattered by the fan’s words but he was also aware of the realities that come with his words. K. O retweeted the fan’s tweet and shared that while he is up for the tall task, saving SA Hip Hop is not one man’s job. “Tall task, not 1 man’s job but I’m up for it…” tweeted K. O.

K. O is one artist who has been witness to several transitions in SA Hip Hop and has also been able to maintain a healthy career throughout the changes in his career and SA Hip Hop. K.O has gotten to a point where he understands what works for him and his fanbase, the rapper is also not afraid of experimenting when he comes to his music. The rapper has told his fan that can expect some hot drops from him in October and he is ready to bring the heat. “We bout to close off the year strong,” K.O told a fan. K.O won’t be the only Skhanda World artist who will be dropping music. The rapper shared that fans can expect drops from the whole team, including Ma-E.

K.O is not the only artist whose name has been raised as the artist who can save SA Hip Hop. Nota recently shared why he thinks Kid X can save the genre. Kid X is gearing up to release a new album, Father Of Zen and has already dropped two singles from the upcoming album. Nota during his podcast, Everybody Hates Nota, said the following about Kid X. “He knows the sound of South Ah, that’s the difference and that’s why I say when people say but no why do you say Kid X is gonna save… Because he knows the sound of South Ah. He knows the sound of South Ah. If you guys listen to Kid X and thought okay damm it! He’s dude.” 

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