Nota Explains Why He Believes Kid X Can Save SA Hip Hop

Nota Explains Why He Believes Kid X Can Save SA Hip Hop. Rapper Kid X is gearing up to release a new album called, Father of Zen. The album is slated for release on October 1st. The popular rapper has already released two singles, Jukebox featuring Moozlie and African Woman, from the upcoming album. The singles gave Kid X’s fans a taste of what sounds they could expect from the album, in terms of sound and creative direction. The singles have set the bar high in terms of standards and it seems it will be a solid Hip Hop offering.

Nota and Amy Zulu in their latest podcast episode on their show, Everybody Hates Nota, shared their views about the singles and Nota explained why he believes that Nota is the guy who can save SA Hip Hop. Nota comments came after Amy shared that Nota is releasing his album soon, which is something SA Hip Hop fans can look forward to. The SA Hip Hop scene is currently filled with releases from new school Hip Hip artists. Nota said to Amy people always ask him why he has so much faith in Kid X and he explained that the rappers know the sound that works in South Ah.

“He knows the sound of South Ah, that’s the difference and that’s why I say when people say but no why do you say Kid X is gonna save… Because he knows the sound of South Ah. He knows the sound of South Ah. If you guys listen to Kid X and thought okay damm it! He’s dude,” shared Nota. Amy added that people sometimes overlook Kid X and Nota responded that people shouldn’t as the rapper has consistently proven his got game.

“Each single, each time whether his song is number one on the charts and everything else, he drops a song that is a fire record, that everybody loves,” said Nota. The Authority isn’t wrong Kid X has dropped music that was successful amongst fans. Amy went on to add that Kid X makes music that everybody can relate to. “I mean look at Aunty, look at Vatel, look at Mtan’ Omntu,” said Amy. Nota went on to speak about Kid X’s latest release with Moozlie, Jukebox. “I haven’t heard Moozlie sounding fresh. Moozlie makes me miss the rapper, Lady Du… Moozlie and X, you know that combination again has yielded 3 hits. Seven, Vatel and Jukebox.” Amy went on to credit Kid X as an “authentic” artist.

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