Kid X Details New Single, ‘Jukebox’ And Why Moozlie Was The Perfect Collaborator

Kid X Details New Single, ‘Jukebox’ And Why Moozlie Was The Perfect Collaborator. Kid X is back with a new record and for the track, the rapper has collaborated with Moozlie. The track titled Jukebox comes just in time for Summer and sets the mood perfectly for the new season. This is not the first time the two musicians are working together and seem to how found a perfect way to fuse their sounds together. Jukebox is Kid X first offering from his upcoming project, Father Of Zen. The track has a Kwaito and Hip Hop feel to it. Kid X also comes through with his renowned flow that is known to get his fans going.

The rapper spoke with SA Hip Hop Mag and spoke about how the song came about, his initial plan when it came to Jukebox. Kid X also shared how he decided that Moozlie was the perfect person to collaborate with on Jukebox. The SAMA winning rapper on his latest offering gives his fans a taste of where he is currently in terms of his music style but also stays true to his authentic sound yet shows growth as an artist.

Speaking about how ‘Jukebox’ was made and the concept behind the song, Kid X explained. “The song, I was working on a bunch of music so what I had set my sight on was to work on a song a day. So I would dedicate an entire day to listening to a beat and really crafting out a song. So for that specific day, I had already made the song of the day and now my evening was still open and I still felt like my creative juices were still flowing. My producer then played this beat and for me, it just took me somewhere. I connected with it instantly, I felt it was reminiscent of early kwaito just a good time when things were less hectic, less thought out, where life was flowing, it was less interruption.

The rapper also shared how he wanted his audience to relate to the song, “I wanted to capture that on the song and really make sure that I leave people with a good feeling, I leave people with festive energy on the song. And really push people towards, or deliver people from whatever troubles they have in the specific moment. That is how the initial record was conceptualised.”

Working with the perfect collaborator does make things easier for any person. Kid X does not that working with Moozlie was without any hassles and the combos definitely communicated between them. Moozlie was able to bring the exact kind of vibe that Kid X wanted on the song, meaning she perfectly understood the assignment. “Obviously as I was putting together the rest of the project. I was eyeing this song as a specific single, so I realized that actually if this is going to be the first single, I really need to be critical, so I realized it might be missing something and obviously then the natural thing was to make it a full sounding song I needed someone who would bring a different energy, who could really sound natural on that type of stuff,” Kid X explained.

“Moozlie fit the description perfectly, I got into contact with her and I sent her the record, she loved it. She killed it, sent it to me the very next day. I was more than happy with what she did, she actually took the record to another place, altogether. So that was pretty exciting, I think once I had heard what she did on the song, I then knew this is definitely the first song we need to come out with. Working with Moozlie is always great. She brings a feisty Kasi energy to the music and this is our third record together. I felt like this record sounds dope as it is, but I needed someone to represent the girls from ekasi who dream of coming up and doing it big. The girls who like to look fly and dress up, put themselves out there in a dope way with a clean aesthetic. Moozlie was obviously the perfect candidate and she knocked it out with a fire verse.”

Kid X dropped Jukebox at the perfect time one could say, it is a new season and the days are getting warmer in South Ah and people are looking to have a good time. The rapper explained that the decision to drop the song now was influenced by various things from the label and the song itself played a role in determining its release date. “There is also a lot of other people involved in that decision. Like the label, Sony also has a lot of processes that they sort of have to put the music through and then tell you when it’s fiscable to actually put it out. But I think the energy of the song, sort of dictated when the song would be best to be released. So I feel like it’s a perfect time to put out new music, new season, it’s Spring. We just come from a very cold season.”

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