Pic! Cassper Compares His New Tattoo Done In London To His Old Ones

Pic! Cassper Compares His New Tattoo Done In London To His Old Ones. Over the years rapper Cassper Nyovest has gotten inked on his body but it seems he is not entirely impressed with the tattoos he has. Cassper has tattoos on his shoulder, fans got to see the rapper’s ink when he showed off his body in the visuals for his hit song, Baby Girl. Cassper’s current ink is not super visible and is only seen if he is wearing a shirt that is like a tank top or is shirtless. The rapper has gotten some new ink done and this tattoo is more visible.

During his time in London, not only did Cassper give fire performances but he has also had time to get a new tattoo. Mufasa has gotten new ink on his leg, which seems to be dedicated to his son Khotso. It seems Cassper got his son’s face and name, Khotso tattooed on his leg. The rapper took to social media and posted a snap of himself getting the tattoo done. In his caption, Don Billiato revealed he got the ink done during the memorable trip. “Got some ink in the Uk. Memorable trip. Pockets got fatter but so did I. Hahaha . Life is good!” wrote the rapper.

A fan then asked Cassper if this was his first tattoo and in his response shared that it was not his first tattoo but noted that his previous tattoos were wack compared to his newest tattoo. The tattoo is done by Bluerose Tattoos in the UK and Cassper credits the ink as being his first proper tattoo. “Nah but all my tattoos are wack. This is my first proper piece.” The tattoo being the rapper’s ode to his son also make it even more special to Mufasa. Cassper missed his son’s birthday because he was away in the UK creating a legacy for his son.

The rapper may not have a lot of ink on his body but his fans sure know how to go hard when it comes to showing him, love. A super Cassper fan, by the name of Ettiene Conradie a few years back, trended for getting inked in honour of Cassper. The fan has two tattoos dedicated to Cassper one is a tattoo of Cassper’s Family Tree logo and also one with the rapper’s name on his arm. Cassper was left speechless when he saw the fans tattoos but he let him know that he hopes to always touch the fans life in a positive way.

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