“Sh*t Happens, I’m Sorry,” AKA Speaks Out On Viral Awkward 947 Interview With Thando Thabethe

“Sh*t Happens, I’m Sorry,” AKA Speaks Out On Viral Awkward 947 Interview With Thando Thabethe. Rapper AKA has addressed the elephant in the room following his viral interview on 947 with Thando Thabethe that saw the rapper trending on social media. The rapper did a press interview on the popular Joburg radio station along with Costa Titch, with who he dropped a collaborative EP. AKA trended on social media as during the interview things got tense after the seasoned radio broadcaster’s questions got a bit too personal for AKA.

The award-winning rapper after coming across all the chatter about the viral interview has taken to social media to address the situation. AKA first clarified that he has no issue with Thando, he even shared that the actress has been supportive towards him throughout all he has been through. In his post, AKA explained that it was unfortunate that he felt triggered by the way she asked him those tough questions about his fiance Anele Tembe’s passing. Supa Mega in his post, also admitted that he could have handled the situation better as Thando was just doing her job.

I’ve been seeing a lot of whoo ha on social media about our interview on Friday 😤 For the record I just wanna say that @thando_thabethe has always been in my corner from the start, even through everything that has happened this year. 💐 It’s unfortunate that I felt triggered by the way she asked her questions and I could have handled it better, after all she’s just doing her job and all that, wrote AKA.

Supa Mega in his post also made it clear that there are no bad vibes between Thando and him. He also apologised to the Megacy and explained when he is ready he will go back to chopping it up with Thando. “We have nothing but L🥰VE for each other and when I’m ready I’ll be back chopping it up with her as always. I also wanna send my LOVE to the @947joburg family 😘 who have always been there for me. Shit happens 🤣 … I’m Sorry,” added AKA.

Thando has not yet commented or even liked AKA’s Instagram post addressing the viral interview but it is possible that she did not take AKA’s reaction to heart. At an end of a video clip of the viral interview, Thando is seen saying her link to an ad break, once Thando is off air she is seen smiling and pulling the middle finger to AKA, the two are then seen high fiving each other.

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