This Is Who Nota Believes Should Have Gotten The BET Award Nomination Instead Of Nasty C

This Is Who Nota Believes Should Have Gotten The BET Award Nomination Instead Of Nasty C. South Ah rapper Nasty C has once again been nominated for a BET Hip Hop Award. Nasty C has once again received a nod in the Best International Flow, category. The rapper is no stranger to the category and while his nomination was well received by his fan base, a few critics are not entirely impressed and feel that there are other artists who deserve the nod.

Nota during his podcast with Amy Zulu, Everybody Hates Nota, raised some interesting points about Nasty C’s nomination. Nota shared that Viacom has nominated an “American wannabe for best international flow” and shared his criticism as to why Nasty C shouldn’t have been an option in the category. Nota and Nasty C are not buddies and have said things about each other. Nota has expressed several times how he is not a fan of how Nasty C sounds American.

“His flow sounds so American, BET guys and I know it’s a South African team that put him on the shortlist and said oh no let’s put him on, let’s make sure. Stop that guys, stop that! You guys in the MTV office stop that man. You guys are messing up South African music, you’re messing up our arts because you guys are now creating the wrong impression for the public by elevating these artists to international award shows and you guys just sit in a room and decide oh no let’s do that for Nasty C. And what does that do, it sends the wrong message to the artists that are coming up. They being shown that Yo if you guys emulate Nasty C if you guys tried to be Americans you might successfully crack it intentionally and be nominated for best international flow, ” said Nota.

In his lengthy rant about Nasty C, Nota mentioned the person he thinks deserves a nomination for best flow, which is Focalistic. “Why isn’t Focalisitic nominated for Best International Flow. Why the fuck is Nasty nominated not Focalisitic. The fucken hottest MC. MTV you guys are Viacom, why would you send Nasty to the BETs. It’s because you guys are trying to erase what was done with the hottest MC’s list. Focalisitic is fucken supposed to be there man,” said Nota. The outspoken music executive even went on to say it is as though someone is paying Monde Twala to ensure that Nasty C gets ahead of everyone else.

Nota went on to share that while newcomer Blxckie does do the Nasty C style because it works but he also plays both sides when it comes to the music. Nota went on to predict that the award for Best International Flow will be taken by Dave from the UK. Nota also advised Nasty C to really be the “Zulu Man With Some Power” that he says he is and be authentic when it comes to his sound. “Forget the trap sound, it’s not going to work imagine if Nasty C was rapping on like his song Said, with Runtown. Essence by Wizkid is not as good as Said…. If Wizkid is getting Justin Bieber features why aren’t you because your sound is wrong. That’s why the sound is too American, that’s it, I don’t hate you kid I want you to succeed…” said Nota.

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