Blaklez Recalls Nota Pulling Up On Him At Famous Friends

Blaklez Recalls Nota Pulling Up On Him At Famous Friends. Nota Baloyi was a very busy man at Yanga Chief’s Famous Friends event. He interacted with several SA Hip Hop artists, such as BigStar Johnson and also caused a little drama before being thrown out. The controversial personality also pulled up on rapper Blaklez, who took to Twitter to detail the scene. Blaklez and Nota’s interaction was definitely on the calmer side of things compared to how things turned out when Nota approached Stogie T.

Blaklez recalled chilling at Famous Friends when Nota came and pulled him to the front of the stage ahead of rapper 25K’s performance. Nota reminded Blaklez that 25K is from Pretoria and that the rapper needed to show him support. 25K is proudly from Atteridgeville and Blaklez is from Pretoria. “Here comes Nota to pull me right towards the front on the stage. He’s like “25k is about to perform, you’re from Pretoria, you need to be right at the very front of the crowd showing love”.” wrote Blaklez.

Nota may be known for saying controversial things but he may have a point in this regard. This is something Blaklez even noted as he was able to understand what Nota was trying to get across. “Despite his methods, I understood,” added Blaklez. Rapper Zingah also found himself agreeing with what Nota did in Blaklez’s instant. Zingah that even though Nota is a mad man, he is right at times. “Nota is a mad man but he’s right a lot,” commented Zingah. The Saka Nyuka hitmaker is one of the rappers that have shone a light on Pretoria talent and new talent is emerging and they flourishing on the charts.

The OG rapper recently spoke about the impact that Pretoria rappers have had on SA Hip Hop versus Joburg rappers. In his tweet, Blaklez explained that the Pta rappers are known for bringing the heat when it comes to state theatre as compared to Joburg rappers who were known for the club scene. “Jhb Hip Hop was all Le Club/Slaghuis. That’s their pass. PTA, we’re State Theatre certified,” tweeted Blaklez.

Blaklez also once got on the wrong foot with Stogie T, Blaklez and Stogie have also had a moment, which resulted in quite the Twitter exchange. “What the f*** is this? Wish big homie Stogie T could just keep quiet at times. I’m not with all this bullsh**. Tacky to bring my name up when I’m over there minding my own. “If you die I’ll come to your funeral?” Really bruh,“ tweeted the rapper after he came across Stogie’s comments regarding him.

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