Blaklez Gets Candid On Cassper At Times Coming Across As Being Negative Towards Hip Hop

Blaklez Gets Candid On Cassper At Times Coming Across As Being Negative Towards Hip Hop. Rappers Cassper Nyovest and Blaklez in the past have worked together in the past and created magic. However, the current state of their relationship is a tad tricky. Blaklez is not even sure, himself, where things stand between him and Cassper. When it comes to South Ah hip hop things can be complicated, so it is always good to know where artists stand with each other.

The rappers are cordial on social media and have interacted with each other in various conversations on Twitter. Recently Blaklez shared his take on Cassper saying that the game needs bangers instead of hard rap tracks. Blaklez while he noted that bangers are needed in SA Hip Hop, he went on to address how Cassper’s response came across. Blaklez shared that while he knows Cassper’s intentions may be good when speaking on SA Hip Hop sometimes it does not come across that way. “Sometimes Cass ntja yaka you come off as if you’re shitting on rap, which I know can’t be your intention coz you’ve contributed mad bricks to the building,” wrote Blaklez.

Blaklez also went on to add to calls that SA Hip Hop needs Cassper after Mufasa repeated Costa Titch’s sentiments that the game doesn’t need him. Cassper has been hinting at a return to the SA Hip Hop streets but the negativity has him hesitant. Blaklez reminded Cassper that his contribution to the genre is unquestionable and it needs him and all those who contribute positively to it. “Your contribution to the game is unquestionable. Hip hop needs you and everyone else that contributes positively to it,” said the rapper. While Blaklez may have a point some Hip Hop fans may beg to differ. Such as Costa Titch who “respectfully” said on his Instagram stories, “SA Hip Hop is uniting right now. If you jumped ship, stay there and let us fix what you broke.

Hopefully, Blaklez’s comments have not been taken the wrong way by Cassper and the two can collaborate on music again. A Twitter user asked Blaklez and Cassper if they could give them some magic as they did on the song, Saka Nyuka. Blaklez responded to the fan and indicated that he is willing to work again with Mufasa and even has a song, that they could work on but he is not sure what the state of their relationship is. “I have a record that will be bigger but it’s difficult to read the situation. Not sure where we’re at… re tla bona ko pele,” responded Blaklez. It seems only time will tell if these two SA Hip Hop artists will collaborate again.

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