Makwa Recalls Meeting Nota And Arguing On The Same Night

Makwa Recalls Meeting Nota And Arguing On The Same Night. Music executive Nota Baloyi is one of SA most outspoken personalities, he has become well known for speaking his mind even if it rubs people the wrong way. Nota has become well-known for his working relationship with rapper Kweata and producer Makwa. Hit producer Makwa and Nota have both worked on creating Kwesta’s biggest hits, while the relationship between parties now is cordial things between the creatives have gotten heated. Nota’s squabbles with Makwa have been well documented and Nota has not shied away from sharing his story.

Makwa in a recent interview revealed how he met Kwesta, Leroy and Nota and how they all got to work with each other. Makwa shared with Kaya FM on-air personality DJ Keyez about what happened when he met the outspoken Nota and it was not a smooth sailing meeting. Makwa told DJ Keyez that already on their first encounter Nota and him were butting heads. “I was standing, he passed me then he came back after he heard, the guy that I just passed seems important and on the same night we fought me and Nota,” revealed Makwa.

“First day, we met, we fought because I didn’t write his songs on the disc, I wrote the songs that were produced by me. He wanted me to write the songs that he had recommended for Senzo, so me, I said never, I’m writing the one I want to write for Senzo and Senzo was with me on that part. He even took the disc and threw it out the window as we were driving,” shared Makwa noting that indeed their working relationship started on a rough foot. Nota and Makwa have certainly had their creative differences over the years and the fallout of RapLyf certainly has not made things easier. Makwa not so long ago took to Twitter to tell Makwa to stop mentioning him in interviews, which is pretty hard to do considering how they are very much a part of each other’s stories.

“Nota when will all this stop?…. Lol all your interviews are based on me…Like how long are you gonna drag this? Mele kuze k’buy’uJesu? Stop it!!!” tweeted Makwa. In his interview on The Rea & Blvck Steph Podcast on the Everything SA Music TV YouTube channel Nota simply shared how Makwa stopped working on Kid X’s album. Nota in the interview said, “Now let me tell you something about Makwa. Makwa stopped working on Kid X’s album, switched off everything, we’re working on a project, you are being paid a salary every month and said I want a car, I want a BMW 3 series now otherwise this album is not coming out. Now you’ve produced 80% of the songs.”

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