Emtee Shares How He Feels About Riky Rick

Emtee Shares How He Feels About Riky Rick. One thing for sure about Emtee is that he is amongst those artists who didn’t have any easy come up to their hip hop career. Nonetheless, the rapper got his hip hop breakthrough and he has worked with different artists along the way creating a good name for himself.

Emtee has never turned back on people who have assisted him to achieve his dreams in the hip hop game not knowing if Riky Rick is one of them. The rapper has shared a picture of him and Riky Rick hugging each other with a caption; “Got so much love for this man @rikyrickworld.” Tweeted Emtee.

Nonetheless his relationship with “Boss Zonke” has been marred with a slew of speculations of the two beefing on each other. During an interview on Capital Rap Up on Cliff Central Wednesday Boss Zonke was asked about his line on his hit song  Sidlukotini. In this song Riky mentioned about artists buying awards and he was asked on he was talking about since there were speculations that he was taking about Emtee.  “I don’t think I’m talking about anyone, I think I’m talking about the awards.”

Emtee Shares How He Feels About Riky Rick

According to the rapper, he was actually speaking against the entire awards system, and he had challenged Metro FM about it. “When I went to Metro after the thing, I explained to them that the system is messed up.” Riky Rick went on and made it clear that him and Emtee are good and they have had a chat even after Sidlukotini was released.  “We cool. I spoke to him just the other day. We’re cool,” said Riky Rick.

The rapper further mentioned that he believes Emtee is deserving of all of the awards he received in his career thus far. .”I think Emtee deserves any award he wins,” said Riky Rick.

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