Gigi Lamayne Responds To Mr Smeg Asking Her Out On A Date

Gigi Lamayne Responds To Mr Smeg Asking Her Out On A Date. Gigi Lamayne has been trying her luck at love and its not really clear who the rapper is going out with. Her previous relationship issues has sent people talking on the TL. Gigi revealed that she had a man in her life, and she is hoping that it will work out because she only has one shot left. This really sound like the rapper has gone through it all when it comes to the matter of the heart.

Gigi Lamayne Responds To Mr Smeg Asking Her Out On A Date

Nonetheless, Twitter went ablaze after Mr Smeg asked Gigi Lamayne to go out for lunch with him. Nothing is really clear if Mr Smeg is about to shoot a shot at the SA rapper. Mr Smeg’s offer came after Gigi shared an elegant picture of her with a caption, “Nawe umuhle kakhulu nowadays. Yabona manje,” which translate to, “You are so beautiful nowadays. See now.”

Mr Smeg as a popular man on the TL, went on and responded to the tweet proposing to go out for lunch with Gigi Lamayne. “Hey Gigi , May I take you out for lunch?” Without any hesitation, the ‘Ice Cream’ hitmaker did not hesitate to agree to Mr Smeg’s offer, “Isssa yes !!!” She responded.

Gigi Lamayne has recently shared on her Twitter TL that she is now giving herself a last chance at love after giving her hint on she is dating. “You see I’m trusting this last guy. After this hayi mojolo has failed me. I don’t have the strength fara gawt !” She tweeted.

Many gentlemen were perplexed by Gigi’s tweet, wondering why she won’t give them the opportunity to show her everything she deserves. Therefore, could this be Gigi’s chance of getting what she has been screaming for in a long time.

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