K.O Expresses His Emotions Towards The Upcoming Album

K.O Expresses His Emotions Towards The Upcoming Album. Talk of consistency and relevancy in the hip hop game its very difficult to denounce the impact that has been induced by Mr. Cashtime. SA hip hop has witnessed one of the good artists who have contributed good music to the culture. After the release of his single ‘Playback’ K.O has not seized to amaze his hip hop followers. The rapper has featured on Skhanda World new album ‘Welcome To The Planet.’

K.O Expresses His Emotions Towards The Upcoming Album

K.O has demonstrates his varied rap abilities once again, confirming his status as one of hip hop’s greatest legends. The rapper has shared on his Twitter TL about a new upcoming album responding to the one of his followers who mentioned the decline of his previous label. “God is a mastermind. My next album is probably gonna be my proudest work, stars are totally aligning.” Tweeted K.O.

During an interview shared on Zkhiphani K.O shared how he feel about his new single ‘Playback.’ The rapper also reflected on how he has evolved as an artist from the “Teargas” day to the “Caracara” days. “People saw me evolving from ‘Teargas’ to ‘Caracara’ to ‘Supa Dupa’, you know it is almost like me launching a new version of myself that is why even on the song I talk about new normal, new me,” he said.

The rapper also highlighted that PLAYBACK is in real time, even though it delves into the future and the past. Obviously its in real time were we are right now ,also reflective years to years good old days (pre-covid) you know fast forward just want to jam and have a good time. Yes, things have changed but let the party continue and let the ball continue rolling and lets live our lives to the fullest ,that’s what the  track is about.”

With an album due to drop soon, “PlayBack” is merely a teaser for his fans to get a taste of what to anticipate from his next production.

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