Maglera Doe Boy Reacts to Being Snubbed In the #SAHHA2021 Lyricist of the Year Category

 Maglera Doe Boy Reacts to Being Snubbed In the #SAHHA2021 Lyricist of the Year Category. came out on Tuesday afternoo. We have witnessed some great surprises on the list along with some dissatisfactions from other Hip Hop artists. Maglera Doe Boy was one of the artist who was not pleased by not being nominated in one of the best categories in the Hip hop game.

The Ten Deep rapper believes that he was also deserving to be nominated in the SA Hip Hop Awards Lyricist of the year category. With the list of Nominees on that Category comprising of;

  • Landmarq
  • Priddy Ugly
  • A Reece
  • YoungstaCPT
  • PDotO
Maglera Doe Boy Reacts to Being Snubbed In the #SAHHA2021 Lyricist of the Year Category

It actually raised many eyebrows on why he couldn’t feature for the aforementioned category with his recent album 2 Player (The Digital Score) made some waves in the Hip hop space.

“Lyricist of the year would have been fitting also for me”. He wrote on his Twitter account last night.

Even though the Northwest rapper might not be pleased by not getting a nod in the Lyricist of the Year category, he still got something to cheer about. Maglera Doe boy was nominated for the Freshman Award of the Year, Best Remix of the Year and The Best Mixtape of the Year.

In the aforementioned categories, Maglera will be contesting with the best in hip hop game that include;

Boity – 4436, 25K – Pheli Makaveli, Costa Titch – Made in africa for the Freshman of the Year Awards.

In the Mixtape of the Year, the young rapper will be contesting with the likes of A Reece – Todays Tradegy, Tomorrow’s Memories, Boity – 4436 and AKA – Bhovamania.

Maglera Doe boy cameo in the Hip hop game was a game-changer as he kept most of his counterpart on their toes. His recent album was an icing to the cake as he had already captivated the South African Hip hop fans.

His literal technique allows a competent artist to pay homage to street culture while also honoring the people who live in these type of situations and Maglera is well aware that he represents lower-class township youths. At the same time, anyone from Ekasi will surely alluded that Maglera Doe boy is an advocate for township lifestyle. And he has been representing the lifestyle of the youth through his powerful lyrics.

In his song “Ten Deep”, there are certain lines like; “Remember you are gold no sole in the kicks but the poetry come from the soul off Tetris Brickz Extendo”. This alone clearly indicate that Maglera is there to offer hope and belief to the township youths that he represents through his music.

The album 2 Player has been fixed with some booming sounds that will get anyone in the groove, and that’s what Hip hop is all about after all.

 In addition, the soundtracks on his album is from a street musician on the verge of stardom who self-released his debut album so that youth in the trenches might get message he is sharing.

Above all, maybe not this time that the value and truth in his lyrics is not yet recognized. Therefore, all we do for now is to wait for his craft to receive some accolades.

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