Zingah Claims To Be The Answer To “The SA Hip Hop is Dead” Debate

Zingah Claims To Be The Answer To “The SA Hip Hop is Dead” Debate. For the past decade, we have witnessed the SA Hip hop giving birth to consistent and exciting rappers. Even though we have the old foxes who have been around more than the said span, Zingah is amongst the fresh faces of the game that have managed to lure the fan base with the amazing rhymes in the game.

SA Hip hop has been dragged into an ever-ending debate, that the genre is dead with Amapiano deemed to be taking over South African music. Zingah is one of the rappers who is adamant that the game is still on and its immortal. He believes that it is a perfect timing for his album release since he is now here to end the “SA Hip hop is Dead” “SA Hip hop is thriving” debate.

“What an even better time for me to just come in and end that conversation. Honestly, that’s exactly what I think. I think I’m here to end that conversation. South African hip hop is about to be well represented. If anyone dares utter that the genre is dead, I will be here to show them that this is the official resurrection,” Zingah told the Moziak Magazine.

Zingah Claims To Be The Answer To “The SA Hip Hop is Dead” Debate

Zingah expanded by mentioning that even though Hip hop is well represented, it’s not a thing of killing another genre for another one to strive, rather he made it clear that at the end of it all its all South African music, and at the end of the day, it’s the music industry that is doing great things.

“The thing is, all of these genres can co-exist you know? It’s all South African music. Whether you’re into SA house, Amapiano, SA hip hop, SA pop whatever – it’s South African and the industry is blowing up as a result.”

Smashis made an impression every time he graced a tune, thanks to his lyrical skills and unwavering confidence. It wasn’t until the conclusion of the Cashtime Life era that he then went on to fully establish his feet.

The hip hop rapper gave us something to cheer about with his single “Ubsantusantu” while we wait for the main course, his album that is done, but awaiting the release date.

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