Anatii Shares A Heartwarming Message Of Love

Anatii Shares A Heartwarming Message Of Love. SA hip hop might have begged Anatii to make a hip hop comeback but it seems like the rapper is enjoying his time away from the game. Anatii has delivered nothing but the best in the SA hip hop game but it looks like his silence from the culture has been too loud.

Anatii Shares A Heartwarming Message Of Love

Anatii might be not too much involved in the rap game but he has been keeping in touch with his fans. The rapper shared some some good moments a few days ago celebrating his birthday, and it really looks like he is in a good state. With all the beef that comes wit the rap game its clear the rapper doesnt need any of that at the moment.

Anatii has shared a very heartwarming message of love to his fans and we believe it is also a message that might be directed to some of his peers in the rap game. “Only love will prevail : we live in generation where being seen is chased, where the glitter is not gold but in the face of truth there is no filter,” he said.

The rapper further preached that everyone and everything is a creation of God and we should all seek him and everything happens for a reason. “In contemplation be confident everything is coordinated in purpose.”

“Sometimes the unseen is the greatest to ever exist, we speak on never seeing God but his presence you felt, his work you memorized, in his land you walk, and his creation you made, imagine his thoughts as I believe we are all fragments of God final form , never stop believing in you bro changing the world everyday.” He wrote.

The SA hip hop game will be looking forward to see Anatii doing what he does best when the rapper decides to make a comeback. The rapper has teased a comeback in the music space after he shared an Amapiano sound on his Instagram page, but it looks like his fans will have to wait a little longer for his comeback.

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