Cassper Responds To The Claims Of His Current Net Worth

Cassper Responds To The Claims Of His Current Net Worth. Cassper is one of the few SA rappers who has never get tired of communicating his assets and riches to his hip hop fans. With all the luxurious lifestyle to his name, the rapper still feel that he is not yet satisfied with his amount of wealth and he is still aiming to get to a billion in assets value.

Cassper Responds To The Claims Of His Current Net Worth

The rapper has spoken out about being a “baller,” claiming that one day he would be a billionaire among the big boys. This came after he responded to one of his followers who asked him how does he sleep with all the riches that he got.

Question is how do you sleep at night know that you rich rich? Does your bank balance scare you nyana yhoo I’d cry everytime i swipe something when i see the bank notification.”

“I’m not Rich Rich yet. I’m just balling! Rich Rich is when you own a Jumbo Jet and you hire it out to rappers like me. One day, ima be a Billionaire though!!!” Responded Cassper.

Recently, Cassper‘s current net worth was publicized on Twitter and the rapper was asked if the claims were true. “The Good For That” hitmaker did not give a clear response to the claims that were brought forward. “I hope so! *Kodak Black Voice*“replied Cassper. Even though his response was vague, Cass gave his followers a sentiment that he is agreeing to the rumored value of his current net worth.

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