Makwa Shares What SA Hip Hop Need At The Moment

Makwa Shares What SA Hip Hop Need At The Moment. Acclaimed Producer and rapper Makwa has been pushing for SA hip hop dominance as of late. The Producer has been calling out all rappers and hip hop DJs to revive hip hop festivals in the bid of making the culture great again. Most rappers appear to have picked up on the rapidly deteriorating state of affairs in the world’s most popular genre but Makwa is still optimistic that there is a lot that can be done to save the rap culture in South Ah.

Makwa Shares What SA Hip Hop Need At The Moment

The rapper has applauded the work that is being done by other rappers who have taken part in the “Why Me” freestyle. He alluded that such acts are what SA hip hop needs right now to stamp their authority as the best genre in the country. “See what n*g*as are doing with “Why me” freestyle is what SA hip hop needs right now,” said Makwa.

‘Why Me?’ by Audiomarc has been a hit since its debut. The track has been making the rounds on the mainstream media. The song includes Nasty C and Blxckie and is off Audiomarc’s Trap Addict debut album, which was released in November.

Emtee is amongst the rappers who embraced the ‘Why Me?’ bandwagon by releasing his own version of the song. The likes of KashCPT are also featured on the freestyle of the song. Stilo Magolide also announced the release date of his own version of ‘Why Me‘ freestyle and that appears to be pleasing to Makwa.

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