YoungstaCPT Fires Shots At SAHHA In His Track “Lyricist Of The Year”

YoungstaCPT Fires Shots At SAHHA In His Track “Lyricist Of The Year.” YoungstaCPT has ben in the hip hop game for more than a decade. The rapper came out and reacted to his Artist of The Decade nomination at the SAHHA. During an interview with MacG at the Podcast And Chill he indicated that he was set up for failure since he believed there was not way he was going to win it.

YoungstaCPT Fires Shots At SAHHA In His Track “Lyricist Of The Year”

The Capetown rapper best believed that he had a chance of winning “Lyricist of The Year” at the SAHHA but he didn’t win it as the award was won by A-Reece. With that in mind a question was asked on Twitter on who is the SA Hip hop Lyricist Of 2021?

It looks like the rapper was not pleased with the responds to that question as his name did not show up the most. The Capetown rapper went on and responded that he is the Lyricist Of The Year. “Who is the best lyricist of 2021?“Me…I’m the lyricist of the year,” responded YoungstaCPT.

The rapper summed up his response by releasing a song titled “Lyricist Of The Year” where he fired shots at the SAHHA in his lyrics. YoungstaCPT shared a snippet of the song on his Instagram page along with the lyrics that were aimed at the SAHHA.

Keep your trophies and your medals / I’m metal gear solid on instrumentals / your songs belong on Comedy Central / my artistry is monumental / Y?GEN was voltron when we assembled / I beg you / don’t tempt me coz I’m temperamental / decking you in your dental / explicit content advise parentals / speaking mengels is what made me influential / harvesting my potential / doing it quiet & confidential / no time to be arguing with Millennials,” he wrote.

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