A-Reece Makes A Bold Claim On Who Is Africa’s Best Rapper

A-Reece Makes A Bold Claim On Who Is Africa’s Best Rapper. A-Reece gained a cult-like following in SA hip hop for making music that resonates with his fans the Slimes.

A-Reece A Makes Bold Claim On Who Is ‘Africa’s Best Rapper’

Many SA hip hop artists have managed to be counted amongst the best for boasting about their music and lifestyle and the Pretoria rapper is also one of them. A-Reece has turned the Twitter timeline upside-down after he made a daring comment on who is the best rapper in Africa. “I am the best rapper in Africa,” tweeted A-Reece.

While some believed A-Reece was screaming facts, others scoffed at the claims that have been made by the Paradise hitmaker. Big Xhosa is also one of those who dismissed Reece’s claims, telling him that it will not happen while he is still in the game. “Not while I’m still here babes.” Big Xhosa responded.

Despite being co-signed by Rick Ross’s producer A-Reece has been under fire for not making music for South Africans. This came after Rea Gopane claimed that the rapper has been making trash music for the past 3 years. I have been saying, A-Reece has been making trash music for the past three years, for the past three years dawg, he said.

This is why Ambitiouz is so important because they were telling artists to make music for the South Africans. N*gga left and started making music as if he was gonna blow in America, this is why Ambitiouz is Ambitiouz dawg, Emtee stuck with it he was like ok I’m gonna keep making music for South Africans” Rea added.

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