Is Emtee X Big Xhosa Back On Good Terms?

Is Emtee X Big Xhosa Back On Good Terms? Beefing is a common occurrence in the rap scene. It happens more frequently than it should, and the underlying problems are sometimes overlooked. Beefing in SA hip hop is nothing new with AKA and Cassper having the never-ending one.

Is Emtee X Big Xhosa Back On Good Terms?

Emtee and Big Xhosa have been previously at loggerheads with each other. This came after the Roll Up hitmaker mentioned that Big Xhosa is mentally disturbed.

Xhosa might have answered with another diss track or quip, but he stated Emtee’s music has done more for him, which is why he admires the rapper so much. “Jonga Emtee @emteerecords I heard what you said about me on that live, calling me a mentally disturbed person😭😂. I wanted to tell u something disrespectful back but remembered that your music has gotten me thru some worst times in my life. I only got love and respect for you.” Tweeted Big Xhosa.

As if Big Xhosa’s fury towards Emtee had subsided, the Amasende muso accused Emtee of sabotaging upcoming rappers.  Xhosa also expressed that he doesn’t need any help from rappers like Emtee to achieve his dreams in the game. “None of you hip hop guys have to like me but it’s nothing you can do to stop me from getting to my plate.” Wrote Big Xhosa.

Ever since Big Xhosa has been calling out Emtee and accusing him of different things a quick change of event came recently after Big Xhosa posted a tweet towards Emtee. Xhosa mentioned that he loves Emtee and he admitted that his music heals him. “Emtee I love you bro. Your music heals me,” wrote Big Xhosa.

The Roll-Up hitmaker didn’t waste any time responding to Big Xhosa’s tweet, replying with a fist bump emoji. Is Emtee and Big Xhosa on good terms again, or is this just a social media stunt? All we do is wait and see.

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