Lucasraps Addresses His ‘Beef’ With A-Reece

Lucasraps Addresses His ‘Beef’ With A-Reece. Following A-Reece’s claims that he is the best rapper in Africa, Lucasraps weighed in and responded to the Pretoria rapper with a Soundcloud drop titled, “BEST RAPPER IN AFRICA.” Lucasraps utilizes Riky Rick’s 2017 instrumental “Pick You Up,” which featured A-Reece.

Lucasraps Addresses His ‘Beef’ With A-Reece

The remarks from Lucasraps caused a lot of speculation on social media about whether the two rappers are feuding. During Lucasraps’ Q & A on Instagram stories, the Without Me muso was asked by one of his followers about why he and A-Reece are beefing. “Why you beefin’ with Reece?” Reads the question.

The Durban rapper did not hesitate to respond as he went on to clarify that he and A-Reece are not beefing and he acknowledged that the Paradise hitmaker makes good music. “Tbh I’m really not, homie makes dope music,” Lucasraps responded.

Seeing the two young rappers collaborate on a hip hop track will be exciting. Unfortunately, we don’t get to choose its all up to them to decide. 

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