K.O Speaks On Why He Is Enjoying Rapping Again

K.O Speaks On Why He Is Enjoying Rapping Again. If there is an SA rapper who has the craft of keeping fans at the edge of their seats with suspense, K.O does it best. The rapper has been keeping his fans waiting for the release of his album SR3 which he is yet to drop anytime from now.

K.O Speaks On Why He Is Enjoying Rapping Again

It’s been a while since K.O dropped a music project that is in form of an album or an EP. Taking to Twitter, the rapper revealed that he is enjoying rapping again as he builds up to the release of the highly anticipated SR3.

The SkhandaWorld rapper further stressed that he is doing what he does to safeguard his legacy as he appreciates the people he is working with including Lünatik Beatz. “I’m really enjoying rapping again and just having fun with this sh*t, thanx to @LunatikBeatz. Times have changed they say. Unbothered. At this point I do this for those who get it and my legacy. Sure #SR3 is unapologetically rap but even the casual consumers will resonate.” Tweeted K.O.

When it comes to the release of songs this year, K.O. and the SkhandaWorld team have everything prepared. The rapper announced the dates that his or her followers should mark on their calendars for the debut of new music. If anything changes, the rapper will undoubtedly inform his enormous fan base.

The rapper said that the record would have been released sooner in response to a question from a fan. However, the coronavirus epidemic delayed the publication date. After that, more factors interfered and caused delays. 

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