Stilo Magolide Explains Why He Doesn’t Consider Costa Titch As A Rapper

Stilo Magolide Explains Why He Doesn’t Consider Costa Titch As A Rapper. Costa Titch has been a phenomenal addition to SA hip hop as he managed to merge his dancing skills and raps together. The Big Flexa has been a fans’ favourite because of his unique way of making music and high level of entertainment and energy towards his music.

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Stilo Magolide Explains Why He Doesn’t Consider Costa Titch As A Rapper

Despite making a huge impact in SA hip hop, it’s not everyone considers Costa Titch a rapper. During an interview on MyDM Podcast, Stilo Magolide took time to explain why he doesn’t really consider Costa Titch as a rapper. “We can never sit here in hip hop and say Costa Titch is a rapper,” he explained.

Stilo went on and justified his explanation and made it clear that Costa Titch is not a rapper but he is an artist. “He is an artist, the man is not a rapper, we really been rapping out here bro, we really be rapping, “ he said. The Sijimile chanter made it clear that it is improper to identify A-Reece as being the same artist as Costa Titch. “You are not going to sit in a conversation and say A-Reece you and Costa Titch are the same thing.” Stilo Magolide explained.

Stilo Magolide went on and made it clear that he is not against Costa Titch’s music and the way he does his art as an artist, but he believes the Areyeng chanter is an artist and not a rapper. “The honest thing about me is that I’m not made at dude, I like dude, I think what dude is interested in is necessary.”

Not only did he express that he is not mad at Costa Titch but Stilo Magolide admitted that the Big Flexa hitmaker is arguably one of the best dancers the game has ever had. “That man was arguably one of the best dancers we’ve ever had, right arguably, but from turning the dance into the music thing that’s artistic,” he said.

“That’s definitely to say he is a rapper, yo cats’ have been really rapping out here bro, also mind you, like for me if you are a rapper you write your own sh*t,” he concluded.

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