PdotO Critics The ‘Foul Compliment’ SA Rappers Receive From Fans

PdotO Critics The ‘Foul Compliment’ SA Rappers Receive From Fans. To develop a successful music career, it’s said that you need a thousand true fans. It can seem nearly impossible when you’re just getting started to attract those first few devoted followers who are so important to kickstart your career.

PdotO Critics The ‘Foul Compliment’ SA Rappers Receive From Fans

The chances of getting a huge following mostly in SA hip hop are very high, but it will always come down to the level of commitment so that you are able to dish out the best music. PdotO is one of the rappers who have comes out and made it known that SA rappers are always thriving to get the best out of themselves. But at the same time, they are not getting enough compliments from their fans.

Taking to Twitter, the rapper stated that his biggest concerns with the treatment rappers have been getting from their own fans. The Cold Waters chanter stated that it breaks his heart when fans refer to South African rappers as “American versions.”

“One of my biggest concerns is when a supporter calls a SA rapper the South African ‘ jay z, Drake, Eminem etc.. Truly breaks my spirit.” He tweeted.

In the same tweet, the rapper further expressed that SA rappers put a lot of work into their music for them to share their own sounds not to be called a version of other rappers out outside South Ah. PdotO described such sentiment as a foul compliment towards SA hip hop. “Many SA artists put their life into their music and want to be seen as individuals NoT SA versions of… Such and such It’s a foul compliment.” He added.

In response to PdotO’s tweet, Sean Pages came through and shared that he has received similar sentiment from some of his fans. The rapper revealed that he has been called SA’s Flo-Rida. “Some cat called me sa’s Flo rider, I WILL NEVER HEAL!!!! NEVER EVER HEAL!!!!” Tweeted Sean Pages.

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