Tshego Responds To Claims That He Called Cassper “Poes”

Tshego Responds To Claims That He Called Cassper “Poes”. Cassper has been recently under fire for having the main character syndrome in the SA hip hop game. The rapper set tongues flapping when he mentioned in his lyrics in the song Ooh Aah that he put on Focalistic, which irritated many hip-hop fans, including Focalistic.

Tshego Responds To Claims That He Called Cassper “Poes”

Tshego was one of the people who did not like what Cassper said in his lyrics in regards to Focalisitc. The Pink Panther chanter got himself involved and indirectly called out Cassper Nyovest via his Instagram stories.

“Only egoistical men who lack confidence will fix their lips to tell another man they put them on. If you told Riky he put someone on that man would get visible uncomfortable. He never owned that because he knew it was also bigger than him. Stop “putting people on” if you don’t understand it’s God who decides. Don’t take credit for his work. You were just the vessel, it would’ve been another if not you. Poes,” Wrote Tshego.

During an interview on ESAM Podcast, the rapper was asked to address what he meant on his Instagram story and to who was the post directed. Tshego continued and denied claims that he was criticizing Cassper, who boasted in the lyrics to his song Ooh Ahh about putting on Focalistic.

“No I didn’t call anyone out, I said if its anything is whack its whack, it’s this thing I’m describing is whack, so if you do this thing poes,” he said. Tshego and Cassper have had a sour relationship during the former’s time at Family Tree Records.

Tshego once rebuked Mufasa for using his music without paying him anything whilst he was working under Family Tree Records. “If I told you I haven’t seen a single cent (sales) from HENNESSY, GARDEN, THE VIBE, TELL EM SAY, SO HIGH, DEM AH WIND, etc… what would you say? Mind you, I OWN THE MASTERS ON ALL THESE SONGS!” Tweeted Tshego.

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