Tshego Reveals How Riky Rick Saved Him From Being A Drug Addict

Tshego Reveals How Riky Rick Saved Him From Being A Drug Addict. Prescription of drugs now appears to be a staple of the rap artist’s toolkit. Although the use of drugs has generally never been forbidden in hip-hop so you can’t entirely blame the rappers for this, their endorsement and use are currently at an unprecedented high.

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Tshego Reveals How Riky Rick Saved Him From Being A Drug Addict

The use of drugs in SA hip hop is arguably a norm with AKA being one of the rappers to have been accused of drug abuse. Tshego disclosed during the ESAM that he was once a drug addict and that the late Riky Rick rescued him.

Tshego made it known that when he made his song “Hennessy” he was about to stop the drugs as he admitted that he was an addict. “When I made Hennessy I think I was just about to stop the drugs, so I was like an addict, I was on cocaine and cat,” he said.

When questioned about the reason he stopped abusing drugs, Tshego admitted that Riky Rick and his sister were responsible. “It was Riky and my sister,” he said. “Riky called me one day he didn’t know a damn thing right and I was working on a beat and a song for him and I don’t know what was happening, he needed the files or something and I just kept delaying,” Tshego explained.

He added; “I think like on the third or fourth day he calls me he’s like (“boy I don’t know what’s going on with you but just let us know if we must give up on you hey”) that one hit me.

Tshego and Riky have worked together on quite a number of songs in the game and they have been very close peers in the game. They have collaborated on songs like Me And You and Sondela featuring various artists.

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