Most Quotable Verses From A-Reece’s “P2: THE BIG HEARTED BAD GUY” Album

Most Quotable Verses From A-Reece’s “P2: THE BIG HEARTED BAD GUY” Album. A-Reece has once again captured the hearts of his fans with his latest album “P2: THE BIG HEARTED BAD GUY”.

Most Quotable Verses From A-Reece’s “P2: THE BIG HEARTED BAD GUY” Album

Known for his smart wordplay, A-Reece continues to establish himself as a prominent voice in SA hip-hop. From introspective musings to socially relevant narratives, the 19-track album presents a tapestry of the rapper’s different life experiences.

Without further ado, let’s share with you some of the quotable verses from the album that have clearly proven that A-Reece is a fortified lyricist.

West Africa Time ft Manifest

“I’m smokin’ Triple-A, ballin’
Hittin’ triple-doubles every game
Bearin’ the fruits of my labour
gotta say, it got me feelin’ like Carlito, I could spit an apple in your face”

A-Reece will always openly display his affection for a blunt, and on this occasion, he embraced the pleasure of partaking in Triple-A, a term denoting the highest quality of cannabis celebrated for its exceptional THC content.

In the same verse, The Boy further signified his exceptional contribution to the rap game as he likened himself to a basketball player who constantly achieves triple-doubles which is regarded as the highest performance on the basketball court.

Having experienced significant success in the South African Hip Hop scene and expanding his brand internationally, Reece harnessed his style and self-assurance, drawing parallels between himself and the WWE superstar Carlito, frequently known for spitting an apple in his adversary’s face as a gesture of contempt. A-Reece employs this as a metaphor to illustrate his own boldness and confidence.

“Diamonds in my ears dancin’, lookin’ like Kida The Great.”
In this verse, Reece dedicated a moment to boast about his extravagant way of living, subtly addressing rumours of his financial struggles. A-Reece draws a comparison between the radiant sparkle of his earrings and the remarkable dancing finesse of Kida The Great, an accomplished American hip-hop dancer, choreographer, and actor.

One Time ft Blxckie

“They nose in my business like Phineas”

Blxckie flexed his pen game on this one as he employed a wit to depict the excessive curiosity people exhibit regarding his personal affairs. He skillfully alludes to Phineas, the distinctive character from the well-known animated TV show ‘Phineas and Ferb,’ recognized for his triangular face, notably his nose.

White Noise ft Jay Jody

“Empty promises all in Madiba’s name. More power failures, they say it like it’s shocking news” –

Jay Jody criticized politicians who repeatedly make hollow promises in the name of Nelson Mandela but ultimately fail to fulfil them.

The rapper also revisited the Fees Must Fall matter, emphasizing that the youth refuse to be excluded from issues crucial to achieving real-life solutions.

“The youth refuses, to be so constantly excused for contributions that might be crucial towards real solutions (Yeah) Fees haven’t fallen yet so that’s why I gotta drop these gems. I’m hoping that it makes sense ‘cause I don’t want you defenseless.”

God Laugh

“When you fight your demons like Gervonta ain’t no need to go the distance”-

While A-Reece may seem reticent in the face of criticism, the rapper appears to favour addressing issues through his music, and he has not shied away from that commitment. In this line, he adeptly employs a metaphor from the world of boxing to communicate a profound message about confronting and prevailing over personal challenges. This indicates that when he confronts his struggles he does the same way Gervonta Davis does in the boxing ring.

Want It All

“My n*g*s want it all but they stuck in the streets
Reality’s bleak, now the mentality’s weak
Chances of succeedin’ lookin’ slimmer than Bella Hadid” –

A-Reece vividly depicts the profound struggle and stark realities faced by his friends entangled in the unforgiving streets. The renowned rapper delves into their slim chances of survival, likening them to the slender physique of Bella Hadid.

“Movin’ forward, makin’ plays for real like my name is Karim”

Previously highlighted, A-Reece has showcased his lyrical brilliance in his latest album, evident in the adept wordplay embedded in select tracks, notably the captivating “Want It All.” The rapper cleverly employs the term “Real” as a nod to the renowned Real Madrid football club, emphasizing his determination to accomplish his ambitions.

Concurrently, he draws parallels between himself and the former Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema as an indication to highlight his level of determination to achieve his goals.

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