Top 3 Nasty C Albums Ranked According to 1 000 SA Hip Hop Fans

Nasty C, the South African hip hop sensation, has been setting the music scene on fire with his lyrical prowess and unique sound. With each album release, he has garnered a dedicated fan base that eagerly anticipates his work. To get a pulse on the preferences of Nasty C’s South African fans, we conducted a survey where 1 000 SA Hip Hop fans on our WhatsApp Channel voted for their top 3 Nasty C albums. The results are in, and it’s time to reveal the top 3 Nasty C albums, according to the fans’ votes.

  1. Strings and Bling
    Top 3 Nasty C Albums

Coming in at number one, with an overwhelming majority of votes, is “Strings and Bling.” This album was a game-changer for Nasty C and marked a significant turning point in his career. Released in 2018, “Strings and Bling” showcases his growth as an artist, both lyrically and musically. The album features hit singles like “Jungle” and “SMA,” which showcased his versatility and ability to deliver emotional depth. It’s no surprise that SA Hip Hop fans have chosen “Strings and Bling” as their top Nasty C album, given its exceptional blend of storytelling and melody.

  1. Bad Hair
Top 3 Nasty C Albums

In the second spot is “Bad Hair.” This album is often seen as a crucial moment in Nasty C’s career, where he began to establish himself as a dominant force in South African hip hop. Released in 2016, “Bad Hair” is a combination of gritty bars and emotionally charged tracks. It introduced Nasty C to a broader audience and included fan favorites like “Hell Naw” and “Allow.” Fans appreciate the rawness and authenticity of “Bad Hair,” which solidified Nasty C’s presence in the hip hop scene.

  1. I Love It Here
Top 3 Nasty C Albums

To close off Top 3 Nasty C Albums Ranked According to SA Hip Hop Fans, The third position goes to “I Love It Here,” a recent addition to Nasty C’s discography, released in 2023. This album offers a different perspective on Nasty C’s artistic evolution. While it may not have had as much time to marinate as his previous works, “I Love It Here” showcases a more experimental side of Nasty C. It’s an exploration of new sounds and a testament to his growth as an artist. Featuring hit songs such as “No More,” “Crazy Crazy,” “Prosper In Peace,” and “Endless,” this album demonstrates Nasty C’s versatility and willingness to take creative risks. The inclusion of renowned artists like Benny The Butcher, Tellaman, Ami Faku, Manana, Anica, Maglera Doe Boy, and 25k adds depth and diversity to the project.

Nasty C has undoubtedly become a powerhouse in South African hip hop, and his albums reflect the evolution of his artistry. As SA Hip Hop fans have voiced their preferences, it’s clear that “Strings and Bling,” “Bad Hair,” and “I Love It Here” are the top three Nasty C albums, each resonating with audiences in unique ways. Nasty C’s ability to craft compelling narratives, coupled with his musical versatility, ensures that his influence on the South African hip hop scene is here to stay. Fans eagerly await his future projects, eager to see where his musical journey will take them next.

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