Riky Rick’s Amantombazane Remix Top 3 Verses According To 2 000 SA Hip Hop Fans Nearly A Decade Later

The South African hip-hop scene has seen its fair share of iconic tracks and collaborations over the years. One such track that left an indelible mark on the local hip-hop culture is Riky Rick’s “Amantombazane Remix.” Featuring a star-studded lineup including Nadia Nakai, Kwesta, Riky Rick himself, Okmalumkoolkat, KiD X, DJ Dimplez, Maggz, and Ginger Trill, this remix dropped back in 2014. To revisit the track and explore how it has aged, as SA Hip Hop Mag we decided to conduct a poll nearly a decade later on our WhatsApp Channel, seeking the opinions of 2000 SA Hip Hop fans on their favorite verses from the remix. The results were both intriguing and revealing.

The Remix That Defined an Era

“Amantombazane Remix” was an undeniable hit when it first dropped in 2014. It not only showcased the immense talent of Riky Rick but also highlighted the power of collaboration in South African hip-hop. Each artist brought their unique style and lyrical prowess to the track, creating an unforgettable listening experience for fans.

As SA Hip Hop Mag we recently conducted a Versus poll on their WhatsApp Channel, asking 2000 SA hip-hop fans to rank the verses from the “Amantombazane Remix.” The poll aimed to shed light on how people’s opinions regarding the verses have evolved over the years.

Riky Rick’s Dominance: It’s clear from the poll results that Riky Rick’s verse in the “Amantombazane Remix” continues to be highly regarded by fans. With a substantial 652 votes, Riky Rick’s lyrical skills and charisma seem to have stood the test of time. His verse, which opened the track, made a lasting impression on listeners in 2014, and it appears that it still resonates with fans almost a decade later.

Okmalumkoolkat’s Solid Second: Okmalumkoolkat secured the second spot with 533 votes, demonstrating his enduring appeal as an artist. Known for his unique style and creative wordplay, it’s evident that his verse on the remix remains a fan favorite. His contribution to the track was undoubtedly a significant factor in the success of the “Amantombazane Remix.”

Kwesta’s Timeless Verse: Kwesta’s verse, which earned 244 votes, took the third position in the poll. While it may not have received as many votes as Riky Rick and Okmalumkoolkat, Kwesta’s contribution is still held in high regard by fans. His storytelling abilities and lyrical prowess continue to shine through.

The results of the Versus poll highlight the enduring appeal of Riky Rick, Okmalumkoolkat, and Kwesta in the South African hip-hop scene. These artists have not only played a pivotal role in the success of the “Amantombazane Remix” but have also solidified their positions as key figures in the genre over the years.

It’s essential to note that this poll serves as a snapshot of how fans perceive the verses today, nearly a decade after the track’s release. It’s a testament to the lasting impact of “Amantombazane Remix” and the artists involved in creating it. Hip-hop fans in South Africa continue to appreciate and celebrate the talents of these remarkable artists.

Riky Rick’s “Amantombazane Remix” featuring Nadia Nakai, Kwesta, Okmalumkoolkat, KiD X, DJ Dimplez, Maggz, and Ginger Trill remains a classic in South African hip-hop. The Versus poll conducted by SA Hip Hop Mag sheds light on how fans’ opinions regarding the verses in the track have evolved over the years. Riky Rick’s verse, Okmalumkoolkat’s unique style, and Kwesta’s storytelling abilities continue to resonate with fans, showcasing the timelessness of the remix. This poll is a testament to the enduring impact of these artists and the track itself within the SA hip-hop culture.

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