“Girls Who Get The D On A Regular Are Not Hoes, They Are Players” Says Gigi Lamayne

Gigi Lamayne caused a frenzy on Twitter earlier after she sent tweets regarding society’s double standards when it comes to people who are involved in several sexual relationships. Men are called players if they have several sexual partners or girlfriends but women are labelled hoes if they do the same thing with the opposite sex.


“Yall girls who getting the D on the regular need to stop calling yourselves hoes cause really Yall are playas who play as well as they do” Gigi Lamayne ranted on Twitter. “You’re not a hoe, you’re just fvcking liberated” she explained. It seems society’s ills are hidden in language. Check out Gigi’s Tweets below:

He a hoe if he smashes you and your friend:


Y’all girls who getting the D on the regular need to stop calling yourselves hoes:


You’re not a hooe, you’re just fvcking liberated:


Men hate to be played. It’s like you chopped off their manhood:


I still maintain that being faithful and being unfaithful are choices:


Do you agree?


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