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South Africa Top 10 Richest Rappers Part 2

6. JR

jr vu

JR has been making hits since he got onto the scene around the late 2000’s and also won R1 000 000 when he won the the Tropica Island. The rapper also has successful business’s outside of the music industry.

7. HHP


The King Of Maftown has been in the game for a long time now and was the most prominent rapstar in the country for a several of seasons straight.

8. Dales

da les new

Da LES has been in the game since the mid 2000’s with Jozi. The rapper also got R1 000 000 rands when he won the Tropica Island a couple years ago and has been touring and releasing music consistently since then.

9. Jack Parrow

Jack Parow and baby mama

Jack Parrow is one of the most stand out rappers we have in the music industry and has since grown to have a huge following overseas that has enabled him to have several sold out tours in Europe.

10. Tumi

Tumi list

Tumi has been the game since the 2000’s and has released several albums which have enabled him to tour the world. Besides the success of his music the rapper owns Motif Records which has had artists like Riky Rick and Reason under it.




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