The Top 10 Hip Hop Rap Beefs Of 2016

Here we have decided to compile The top 10 hip hop rap beefs of 2016. The list includes the recent beef that are worth mentioning. Hip Hop is like sport, since every athletic wanna be the best an outshine other players. More so like rap, since everyone is claiming to be Mike Jordan of rap! Here we have listed 2016 rap beefs that we have seen earlier this year, the list includes the likes of Drizzy VS Kid Cudi, The Game VS Meek Mill etc.

1. The Game VS Meek Mill


The rappers’ feud all stems from a Sean Kingston jewelry jacking. Game believes Meek “snitched” and told Kingston’s camp that he was directly or indirectly involved in the theft, the report says, citing sources inside each camp. Kingston was reportedly robbed of a $300,000 chain at a Los Angeles nightclub on the night in question back in June. Meek and Game were both allegedly at the club that evening. The war of words has continued between Game and Meek. Following Game’s “92 Bars” diss record, on which he calls him a “snitch,” he went on Instagram to taunt Meek with a photograph of him and Nicki Minaj. Meek hasn’t stayed quiet. Sharing an image of himself with Nicki Minaj, he responded to Game. “U wanna fight? Next morning a diss raps…… Then the pre-order links! THE JIG IS UP YALL GUYS REAL RAPPERS! Make sure y’all go support them industry cats!”

2. Drake VS Kid Cudi


Last year, Drake and Meek Mill got in a huge public fight when Meek Mill slammed Drake and said he used ghostwriters to write his verses. So when Cudi recently sent out a bunch of tweets leveling those same allegations against Drake and Kanye, it didn’t sit well. ‘’ everyone think they sooo great. Talking to 5 and be having 30 people writing song for them’’ Kid Cudi wrote on twitter. So Drake ripped him for it in a new song, where he raps, “You were the man on the moon/ Now you just go through your phases/ Life of the angry and famous/ Rap like I know I’m the greatest.” The Toronto Rapper went even further by dissin Kid about his state of mind, which didn’t sit well with people since Kid was in rehab.

3. Drake Vs Jay Z


Jay Z and Drake have been frenemies for years—just take a peek at this brief history of Drizzy’s love/hate relationship with Kanye West and Jay. Khaled’s previous Major Key single, “For Free,” coincidentally stars Drake. Drake was comparing hiself to Jay Z sayin’ “I used to wanna be on Roc-A-Fella then I turned into Jay.” Jay on Khaled ‘’ I got keys’’ responded to drizzy ‘’Niggas always asking me the key‘ Til you own your own you can’t be free’ Til you’re on your own you can’t be me How we still slaves in 2016?

4. Drake VS Meek Mill


Drake and Meek Mill got in a huge public fight when Meek Mill slammed Drake and said he used ghostwriters to write his verses. The whole beef stems from there. Drake was supposed to perform in Philly, Meek calls all the Philly Night clubs to stop Drizzy performance. The beef is escalating from time to time to the point where Meek doesn’t want Drake’s music played when he is in the club, his face turn pale when drizzy Joints drops.

5. Soulja Boy Vs Lil Yachty




Soulja Boy and Lil Yachty are going at it over India Love. Lately they have been throwing jabs at each other on social media. Soulja Boy posted an image to his Instagram account that appears to be a text conversation that he had had with Yachty. Lil Boat apparently requested that Soulja Boy take down a picture of himself with model India Love. “Yo G, why you whylin on the gram,” Yachty supposedly asked him. “India my shorty. I fuck wit u bro u know dat but u gotta take dat down.” Soulja Boy responded, “I can’t tell,” then added, “You want beef N****?” In the caption to another post, he wrote, “How this your girl when I been rocking with her before you?” Adding, “How she your girl and we been rocking for YEARS. If she yours post a pic with her oh I forgot u never even met her before.” The whole beef thing started from there.

6. Meek Mill Vs. Beanie Sigel


Meek Mill’s feud against The Game has turned into a beef with fellow Philadelphia rapper, Beanie Sigel. After being attacked by a member of Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers crew for comments he made about Meek and girlfriend Nicki Minaj, Sigel has now unleashed his new diss song. Sigel made comments about ghostwriting Meek’s diss and said Minaj was the reason for his feud with Drake. Sigel’s song comes days after he was dissed by Meek Mill in a Funkmaster Flex freestyle. In his freestyle, Meek made references to Beanie Sigel’s nicknames, “Broad Street Bully” and “Mack.”

7. Future Vs Desiigner


Ever since Desiigner released his debut hit single, “Panda,” into the wild earlier this year, the world has been waiting for Future to comment about the two’s undeniable similarities. When Future first heard the track, the moment was captured on film and showcased the rapper looking hilariously confused, as if he thought it was a song of his own he forgot about, or didn’t know about. When Rolling Stone asked Future his thoughts about Desiigner, his answer was pretty straight forward. “I never worried about anyone else,” he said. “I don’t even want his name in the article.” There is a tension between two, though Dediigner never responded to future’s remarks. “I got broads in atlanta, ni**g I am Atlanta, been dropping Act in my fanta, you know who I am, Designer a copy I’ll kill you with hammers” future responded.

8. Lil Wayne vs. Birdman


Weezy publicly ignited his bitter beef with Cash Money and Birdman back in December 2014, then poured a dump truck’s worth of gasoline on the fire with his January mixtape Sorry 4 the Wait 2. July’s Free Weezy Album came out exclusively through Jay Z’s Tidal, which was a burn of its own, even if the record only featured subtle references to the now-legal ($51 million lawsuit legal) situation.

9. Kanye West VS Wiz Khalifa


Kanye West changed the title of his album from SWISH to WAVES , a switch that inspired some tweeted shade from fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa; in one tweet, Khalifa wrote, “Hit this kk and become yourself,” a seeming reference to West’s wife Kim Kardashian. That perceived slight was enough to set West off, and he’s spent the last 30 minutes batting back at Wiz over the quality and authenticity of his music, his clothing choices, the mother of his child (model Amber Rose, who is also West’s ex-girlfriend), and Wiz’s cellphone number. ‘’Oh niggas must think I’m not petty cause I’m the best that’s ever made music’’ YE responded.

10. Young Thug vs. Plies


Another day, another rap beef. An argument erupted on social media over when Plies uploaded a video of Young Thug’s baby daughter cursing at her mother. That didn’t sit well with Thugger, Thug lashed back with a profanity-laced Instagram video of his own demanding that Plies remove the video from his account.





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