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10 Times Riky Rick Bragged Different On 'Family' Ft Frank Casino

10 Times Riky Rick Bragged Different On ‘Family’ Ft Frank Casino

Riky Rick bragged different more than 10 times on Family but we gone give you the top 10! King Kotini has been stunting for a while now and it’s clear that that’s something he will not be stopping anytime soon. He recently released 3 records namely, Oh Lord, Bandz Over Friends and Family which features Frank Casino. On ‘Family,’ Boss Zonke brags different compared to all these other rappers and shows us that he really is getting that guap. Check out 10 times he bragged different:

1.My swagger Italian kapish

2. We got the game on a leash

3. I am the king of the niche

4. I make kotini a proper noun

5. GTS I ain’t stoppin’ now

6. The diamonds I’m rocking are flawless

7. The honnies I deal with are gorgeous

8. We keep a fund for the lawyers

9. We are the realest makoyas

10. Your favourite rapper’s my fan

Riky Rick – Family Lyrics Ft Frank Casino



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