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New Release: Emtee - Ghetto Hero Video

New Release: Emtee – Ghetto Hero Video

Emtee has finally released his music video for ‘Ghetto Hero.’ The rapper has been in the gamefor just over 2 years now but he has managed to have an impact that most rapper could only dream about.

A couple months ago, the Hustla released a record where he opened up about his ambitions to be a ‘Ghetto Hero’ which is something I think he has already managed to achieve. Maybe he hasn’t reached the pinnacle he plans to reach.

The music video is very cool and the rapper set up a stage in the hood where he was preaching the Gospel. Emtee’s son is more famous than a lot of rappers and we can’t wait to see if he will follow in his dads footsteps. Check out the video below and tell us what you think:

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