10 Most Memorable Lyrics From AKA and Anatii’s Be Careful What You Wish For

AKA and Anatii’s Be Careful What You Wish For is finally here and judging from social media reactions the duo delivered on expectations. Here are 20 Most Memorable Lyrics From AKA and Anatii’s Be Careful What You Wish For! and these solidify the fact that the two are a solid force that cook magic every time they hit the studio.

For those who don’t know Be Careful What You Wish For is a 10 track album, we will select the most memorable lyrics from each track courtesy of SA’s Lyrics Website ‘ Kasi Lyrics

Bryanston Drive

1.“I used to want the title as a freshman
Now all of my biggest idols are my best friends
Every instrumental got a death wish”

2. “Y’all beginners already got me feeling I’m a father figure
I got some relatives who treat me like a lotto ticket
A lot of niggas can’t handle the way I handle business
They getting touched like pianos but my standards will live in”

3. “When I left baby mama she took the shit hard
Might as well turn the drama into a hit song
Composure, composure that I ain’t a diss song
As we continue the saga and move the shit forward”

10 Fingers

4. Please don’t put me on Snapchat
I’m throwing phones off balconies
If I don’t reach for your handshake
Is that gon’ fuck with your self esteem?

How You Like Me Now !/?

5.Suck a dick if you don’t recognize, all my records stand the test of time
Over seas, I get to the Gs, been a Major Key, like Gemini

Camps Bay 3

6. Make your choice coz I can’t be your boyfriend for life
There’s too many voices who’s gon poison your mind

Holy Mountain

7. “Diamonds rough, Pneumonia
Giving you a cold crush”

Don’t Forget To Pray

8. “All white, OMO
Clean merch got the t-shirts
Say dream work check the logo
Team work makes the dream work
That’s K-Ci, Jojo
Bumped into my teacher he was riding around in a Polo
Fast forward to 2017
I’m riding around in a four door”

9. I been all types of voodoo (sangoma)
Holy matrimony crucial (siyavuma)
I know they’re hating kub’hlungu
Shay’ isingle ngath’ uLuther
Benzo darker than Kunta
Loud packing ivumba
Shaking like ndixhela ighusha


10. “We should be checking for culture vultures with shady personas
We should be saying “Ya’ll the reason they paying me a bonus”
Instead of saying “Can y’all go ahead and take me a photo

The Saga (feat. AKA)

“You know this shit is a classic, this ain’t no billabong no regular fabric
this is a megathon now paint me a statue
my nigga I been a god don’t let this shit gas you”

Be Careful What You Wish For


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