Black Coffee On How Fortunate He Is And Sharing A Stage With Legend Kerri Chandler!

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Honestly speaking when it comes to writing about Black Coffee we don’t know where to tag his news, under local or international news? Guys, please help us…haha.

Well that’s not why we are here, as we all know South African DJ Black Coffee is currently on his 3 month long world summer tour and by the looks of things the DJ is really loving the experience he is on.

Just last night the he had the chance to play a double set with legendary deep house DJ, Kerri Chandler. Coffee took to Instagram to share how he loved the Ibiza experience with Mr Chandler, later in an interview Coffee expressed how he still can’t believe that he played with the Spanish house legend.

On the plus side Coffee will be home for the weekend!!…In another post the DJ shared that he really feels so fortunate to be traveling the world and doing what he loves. He also touched on how the crowds he plays for always take the opportunity to bust out outdated South African dance moves, maybe that’s why he misses home.

Check out some of the posts from Coffee’s Ibiza experience and his interview about Kerri Chandler below.

Home For The Weekend…

black coffeeee

I have no words to express how fortunate and Blessed I am to be able to do what I do and travel the world doing what I love dearly…..The Tour has been so amazing in so many ways and I feel compelled to write down a few words as I refuse to take this for granted…..Thanks to my hard working team for still till this day…take time and listen to my crazy ambitions and dreams and then turn them into reality….Thanks to everyone who came to every show in every Country…..Thanks to all my fellow South Africans the would rock up at some of these gigs…..and forming their dancing circles Mzansi Style…some ullulating while others rocking outdated SA dance moves singing “Co Co Co Coffee” freaking out foreigners 😂😂😂
One Month Down….Two More to Go…..✈on my way to South Africa for the coming Weekend. #blackcoffeesummertour #housemusic #Godsveryown #onemanband #soulisticmusic

Coffee In Ibiza!…

Back 2 Back with #KerriChandler last night at DC10 was Amazing 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 #housemusic #Godsveryown #Ibiza #Godsveryown #blackcoffeesummertour

Two Legends On One Stage…

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