Toya DeLazy To Release A Rap Song Featuring Tol A$$ Mo!!

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Toya DeLazy is set to release a rap song! A rap song! A rap song with Tol A$$ Mo!!

Are we the only one’s that are this excited right now?…

If Bump The Cheese Up is anything to go by then we’re guessing this track is going to bring some heat right? ZAlebs reports that Toya DeLazy told them in an exclusive interview that she will be releasing a rap song with Mo titled “Zulu Turn Up.”

Toya says that the song will only be released once she reaches 400 00 followers on her Facebook page. (Guys please go click LIKE on Toya’s page.)

This is what Toya Had to say about the song: “This is a big deal. It’s a big deal for me to come out as a rapper when everyone has known me as this… But I’ve been rapping. I’m really excited and I wonder how the industry is gonna take it because I really feel like I’m stepping into different borders, in a way expanding, reaching my audience in a different way and really connecting.”

Toya explains that a lot more people relate to rap lately, so we guess that’s one good reason for her to come out as a rapper right? To reach the masses and so forth.

“I feel like people connect through rap and hip hop these days, more than they did before.” Before you get any ideas, Toya has made it clear that she’s still a singer. “This one is just my flex, I’m stepping out… expect it to be different, the beat is incredible.”

Toya says that her and Mo worked on the song when he was down in Cape Town visiting her. “I was like – let me have a track where it’s actually today and now. I called it Zulu Turn Up and I let him listen to it and he was like ‘yeah, I like it’. I got him on the mic to record the parts where he does the chorus, cause it’s more of chance. And it just came together.”

With them two on this track, it truly is a Zulu Turn Up!!

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